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Latest News

We would like to thank all of the parent volunteers, the coaches, and the Coordinators for all of their hard work this past weekend at the Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryouts. We also thank all of the players that tried out for Wisconsin Ice VBC for the upcoming 2016 season. We were amazed at the number of players and the amount of talent that was in the gym at every age level. It is great to see that the level of volleyball in the central Wisconsin area has improved so much in the last several years!

Players that tried out and that did not receive an offer yet, we ask you for your patience as players that were offered respond to their offers. Several of the teams are full already with committed players; however we are waiting for some players to respond to their offers to complete a few of the teams. Players that did not play for Wisconsin Ice in the past have until Thursday at 9:01 pm to respond to their offer at which time their offer is null and void. We are attempting to do everything in our power to place all of the players that wish to play for Wisconsin Ice for the upcoming season.

Once you have received and accepted an offer to play for Wisconsin Ice VBC for the 2016 season, please mail your membership fee payment and page 25 of the Wisconsin Ice VBC 2106 Handbook to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467. The payment and Handbook form must be received by Wisconsin Ice before the first practice, which is on November 29, for all players.

The practice schedule will be posted on the Wisconsin Ice website as soon as it is finalized by the coaches and the directors. You should be contacted by your coaches before your first practice.

Thank you for your patience with the Tryout process and we look forward to a fun and successful season for all of the Wisconsin Ice teams.

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