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Latest News

When You Arrive:

  • Verify your Registration at the check-in table. Please arrive at least ½ hour before your scheduled tryout time. Show your Badger Region/USAV membership card. Get your tryout number and testing sheet.
  • If you did not register in advance (for $30), you will need to complete the Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryout form – 2017, the USAV Medical Release Form, the Concussion Form, and write a check for $40 to “Wisconsin Ice VBC” (includes $10 late fee). If you did not register with the Badger Region/USAV, you will need to register on-line on “Webpoint” and charge on your credit card either the full $50 fee ($15 for Shavings, free for players 8 & under) or the $10 tryout fee. You will also need to print out your membership card as proof that you are registered with the USAV/Badger Region. The Wisconsin Ice VBC fee for the “All Call” for Chips and Shavings is $10 (no late fee).
  • Get your picture taken holding your number in front of you.
  • Pin your tryout number on your back with 4 pins before you enter the gym.
  • Fill in your testing sheet info & then go into the gym to complete the vertical jump & shuttle run testing stations (this does not apply to Shavings).
  • Return your completed testing sheet to the gym monitor or to the person at the computer input table.
  • When your age group is called, go into the gym for the drills and game-like situations for skills assessment.
  • Listen carefully at the conclusion of your tryout session to the Directors. You may get an offer for a spot on a team in the gym and if so, you will get a blue card stating your offer that you must complete –or- you may be told that you need to wait for a telephone call or an e-mail message as to where you fall in the tryout hierarchy.

After Your Tryout or “All Call” Session:

  • After you are dismissed from the gym, return your tryout number and your pins to the registration desk for the next age group to use!!!! If you have a blue offer card complete it, return it to the Director, & select “Wisconsin Ice VBC” as your club in Webpoint on your cell phone or laptop or at the Webpoint table in the Commons area.
  • Everyone should sign up for your uniform sizes even if you don’t know if you made a team yet or if you will be playing on a team. This is the only place where we will have samples for players to try on for size.
  • Take the optional fundraiser information and order forms if you are interested in participating in it. Fundraiser forms and payments are due to Jay Johnson, the Fundraiser Administrator, on December 11, 2016 at WVLHS from 2-4 pm.
  • Look at the Spirit Wear & mark your order form with the items that you would like to purchase and take the form home with you. This is the only place where Ice spirit wear will be displayed. Spirit wear order forms and your check are due to your team parent on December 4, 2016, at your practice. Hottie Warm-ups can be purchased at the Tryouts or ordered.

After You Leave the Tryout & “All Call” Facility:

  • 13s-18s must wait for a telephone call or an e-mail message for an “offer” if you were not given an offer at the tryouts. Please be patient as teams are formed. The top performers at tryouts are offered first and they have until Thursday, November 17, 2016 (Tuesday, November 15, if they were a member of Wisconsin Ice last season), at 9:01 pm to accept the offer. If everyone above you accepts or declines their offer right away, then you will get an offer sooner. This does not apply to Ice Chips & Ice Shavings players.
  • After the first deadline for offers expires, another offer may be given to some players and if so, their new deadline is Wednesday, November 23, 2016, at 6:00 pm. There is potentially a window of over a week after the tryouts before everyone is contacted about playing on a team.
  • The first practice for all teams is on Sunday, November 27, 2016. The practice schedule for November & December will be posted on the Wisconsin Ice VBC website, www.wisconsinice.net, before the first practice. Your membership fee check written to “Wisconsin Ice VBC” is due before the first practice along with your Handbook agreement form (last page of the Handbook), signed by both you and your parents. Both of these should be mailed to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467. Please contact Jay Johnson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if your financial situation requires a payment plan.
  • The 13s through 18s players will be assigned to teams before their first practice. Teams will only be offered if there are enough players to complete a team and if there are enough coaches to staff these teams.
  • Please be patient (and as cool as “Ice”) throughout the tryouts and offering period. We assure you that we move the process along as fast as we can based on the timing of the answers that we receive from the players that are offered a spot on a team. If you are offered a spot on a team, please respond to this offer as quickly as possible because other players are waiting for their offer based on your response to your offer.
  • Thank you for trying out for Wisconsin Ice VBC. We wish you a fun and educational season with Ice!
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