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Latest News

Article Index

In case you didn’t pick up an information sheet at the tryouts, the post tryouts information at the bottom of this article was on that sheet with helpful information for both new and returning Club members.

Offers for Spots on Teams

If you have not received an offer for a spot on a team yet, please be patient as we are waiting for the acceptance of a few offers yet before we can complete the offer process. The last date for acceptance of offers is Monday, November 22, 2010, at 6:00 pm. Our teams should then be finalized as of that time.

Membership Fees and Signed Handbook Agreement Forms (due before your first practice)

Please make sure that you mail your membership fee and your signed Agreement Form on the last page of the Handbook to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467 before your first practice, which is November 28, for all teams except Ice Chips and Ice Shavings that will practice on November 21. We have decided to move the due date for the membership fees and the signed Agreement Form from the Handbook for the Ice Chips and Ice Shavings to the same time frame as the 13s through 18s. All team membership fees and Handbook Agreement Forms are therefore due before November 28, and they must be mailed in enough time so that it arrives before Sunday, November 28. Please do not bring it to practice to give to your coach. Coaches will not accept the fees and agreement forms. They must be mailed. Please write your checks to "Wisconsin Ice VBC" and on the memo line write your daughter’s (or son’s) name and age group (or team if they know the team that they are on already).

Sale Fundraisers – Mandatory Poinsettia & Norfolk Pine Sale and Optional Pizza & Kringle Sale

Please make sure that you are aggressively selling the Poinsettias and Norfolk Pine plants for our Wisconsin Ice fundraiser. This is our mandatory fundraiser and it helps us to keep the cost down for your membership fees. We have pre-ordered plants and it is necessary for us to take all of these plants whether we sell them or not, so for the sale to be successful we are counting on your help. We have expanded the Plant Sale to the Chips teams as well; however they are required to sell a minimum of 5 plants rather than the 10 plant minimum that is required for the 13s through 18s. We are expanding this sale to the Chips teams because of a lower number of older players that attended our tryouts. We forecasted correctly in the younger age groups; however due to the lower number of candidates in the older age groups, it is necessary for us to ask for the help of our Chips members with this sale. The Ice Shavings players are welcome to help with the sale too; however it is optional for these players.

The mandatory Plant sale fundraiser and the optional Pizza and Kringle fundraiser for your personal benefit will conclude on December 5. You must give your orders and checks to your Team Parent at your practice on that day. You must bring your order forms and one personal check written for each fundraiser for all of your orders. We do not accept non-Ice member checks. You must write one check for all of your orders for each fundraiser.

Team Parents Needed!

We are in need of "Team Parents" to assist the coach for your child’s team with collecting forms and payments for fundraisers, spritwear orders, booking hotel rooms for your team, celebrating players’ birthdays throughout the season and other responsibilities for which your coach may need assistance. It does not take much time and it does help out the Club immensely with communication throughout your team. If you are willing to help, please contact Nancy Tuman, our Team Parent Coordinator (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 715-675-8994). There will be a meeting of all "Team Parents" with Nancy on November 28, 2010, at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Please help whenever and wherever you can for the good of Wisconsin Ice.

Spiritwear Orders

All spiritwear orders and checks are due on December 5, at your practice. You must give your orders and checks written to Wisconsin Ice VBC to your Team Parent. A tournament bag has been added to the revised spiritwear form that is now on this website. Please see the article on the home page regarding these tournament bags.

Registration with the Badger Region & USAV

There were a few people who registered at the Wisconsin Ice tryouts that did not register for membership with the Badger Region on-line beforehand. Those people were required to complete a Badger Region/USAV form at the tryouts and also had to write a check to Badger Region Volleyball for the Badger Region membership fee plus $5. We are in the process of organizing those forms and we will send them to the Badger Region office in the next couple of days. You are still required to register on-line through the Badger Region website and to pay the fee on-line. My understanding is that the Badger Region office will be double-checking all of the forms that we send to them and will void checks where you have paid on-line. Most of you should have received an emailed note from the Badger Region office addressing this situation.

Players not Offered a Spot

We are sorry that some of the players that tried out for Wisconsin Ice will not make a team. We try to form teams for all players that try out; however sometimes we end up with too many players in an age group for the Purple, Black and White teams that we offer so we need to turn some players away based on the observations and evaluations at the tryouts. We strive to be as fair as possible by using several evaluators that give input during the tryout process. It is not an easy process ranking and rating with as many as 40 to 50 players in some age groups. We use the pre-tryout testing data, the evaluations during the tryouts, and the attitude and coachability that we see from the players during their tryout to help determine where a player falls in the hierarchy in an age group. We use that information in combination with the numbers and positions that we need on the teams to determine where players fall in order.

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