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Latest News

The spirit wear that is available this season to players, their parents, and coaches was on display on November 10, at the Tryouts for the 15s through 18s age groups at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School. Your order forms along with your check for your spirit wear, made out to “Wisconsin Ice VBC”, should be given to the Team Parent for your team at your practice on December 2.

If you did not take a spirit wear form at the Tryouts, you can print out the form that is located here: 2018-2019 Spirit Wear Order Form

There is also additional spirit wear available on-line at madacustom.com. Under the “Online Apparel Order Form”, you can find the Wisconsin Ice logo to order your items. You should pay with a credit card and delivery of your items is worked out with MADA.

All players that will be playing on a Wisconsin Ice team this season including the players in the Shavings program must pay their membership fee before the December 2, practice. Your check made out to “Wisconsin Ice VBC” along with your completed Handbook Compliance Form, page 25 of the Handbook must be received in the mail before your December 2, practice. Your check and Compliance Form should be mailed to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467. The membership fees for each program are listed in the Handbook.

For those players and their families with financial hardship, Wisconsin Ice VBC does offer the opportunity for a payment plan. Please e-mail your proposed payment plan that works with your financial situation along with the amounts and the date of the check to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for consideration by Wisconsin Ice. If your proposed payment play is accepted, then you must send a check for your first payment along with post-dated checks for the remaining payments with the date that you want each check to be deposited into the Wisconsin Ice account as per your payment plan. You must also send in your completed Handbook Compliance Form to the address shown in the paragraph above.


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