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Successful 13s & 14s Tryouts and Ice Shavings and Chips All Call

Last Sunday, October 7, Wisconsin Ice VBC held Tryouts for the 13s and 14s age groups and the All Call for the Ice Shavings and Chips programs. We thank all of you that tried out for the 13s and 14s age levels and who participated in the Chips and Shavings All Call. This was one of the strongest showings Wisconsin Ice has had at all levels with record numbers and very talented girls in the gym.

We thank all of the parents that volunteered their time to help make this process run smoothly for the Tryouts participants. We also thank all of the coaches that gave up their Sunday to make the Tryouts a great opportunity for the players.

13s and 14s Teams Finalized - All Wisconsin Ice Players Must Return to Webpoint to Complete Your Membership

We thank you for your patience through the offering process. The 13s and 14s teams have been finalized. There are very talented teams at both the Purple and Black levels.

All players that accepted positions on the 13s and 14s Purple and Black teams or who are participating in the Chips and Shavings programs must go back into your Webpoint USAV/Badger Region Volleyball Association account and select Wisconsin Ice VBC as your club. You must also upgrade your Webpoint membership to the full USAV membership of $50. If you only paid the Tryouts fee of $10, you should be able to upgrade to the full membership for an additional $40. The USAV fee for the Shavings program, as only an instructional program, is only a total of $15. Players that are age 8 and under have a free USAV membership.

First Practices

The 13s and 14s teams will have their first practice on November 4, 2018, at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School (601 Maple Ridge Road, Mosinee 54455). The 14 Purple and Black teams will practice first from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and the 13 Purple and Black teams will have their first practice from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Please arrive in enough time so that you are dressed and ready to start at your assigned time, if not 5 minutes early. The teams that practice first at a facility must arrive early enough to set up the volleyball equipment and be dressed and ready to go on their court 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time.

The 13s and 14s teams will only practice on Sundays in November on the 4th, 11th, and 18th. A schedule will be posted on the Wisconsin Ice website in late October. All the practices in November will be held at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School. Beginning in December, the 13s and 14s teams will practice twice a week. The schedule will be worked out with the players and coaches to determine the best days/times for practices to attempt to avoid as many conflicts as possible with other activities that players and coaches might have on their calendars already.

The Chips teams have started their practices already with their first practice being held on Thursday, October 11. The Chips will be practicing twice a week, once during the week and once on Sunday afternoon. Taryn Vaughn has notified the players of their practice schedule. This will also be posted on the Wisconsin Ice website in late October.

The Shavings Program will not start until Sunday, December 2, 2018, at Faith Christian Academy (225 S 28th Ave, Wausau 54401). The Shavings players will practice from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm. The Shavings program will only practice on Sundays for 1 ½ hours for each session. A schedule of practices will be posted on the Wisconsin Ice website late in October.

Players are still welcome to join the Chips and Shavings programs even if you did not attend the All Call Session on October 7. Please send an e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. expressing your interest in joining for more information.

Membership Fees & Handbook Compliance Forms Due Before December 2 Practice

All players must mail in their full membership fee (all checks written to Wisconsin Ice VBC) along with the Handbook Compliance Form on page 25 of the handbook so that it arrives in the mail before their December 2, 2018, Sunday practice. The Handbook will be posted on the website in late October. The handbook must be read by the player and their parents and they must all sign the Compliance Form. Your payment and Handbook Compliance Form must be mailed to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467, so that it arrives before the December 2, practice.

If you need a payment plan due to financial hardship, then please send your proposed payment plan to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration and we will send an e-mail message back to you to let you know if your payment plan is acceptable. If you need a payment plan, then you will propose the payment plan that will work best with your financial situation including the dates of the payments and the amount that you are paying with each payment. Once your payment plan is approved, then you will need to write checks for all of your payments in your plan with the date on each check as to when the check can be cashed and these must be mailed so that they arrive before December 2, 2018.

Uniforms - Trying on Sample Sizes

All 13s and 14s players must try on their uniforms sometime during the Tryouts for the 15s and older players, which will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018, at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School in Mosinee. You can arrive any time between 10:30 am and 5:00 pm on that Saturday to try on your uniform.

There will also be spirit wear on display during the Tryouts for you to try on and if you are interested in ordering anything, you can write it down on a order form and turn it in with your payment at your December 2, practice.

Optional Fundraiser

If you are interested in participating in the optional fundraiser to raise money to help you with the cost of paying your membership fees, there will be information posted on the Wisconsin Ice website in late October. We will again be offering the Portesi Pizza sale and the Kwik Trip Gas Card sale.

Informational Meeting for 15s Through 18s

An Informational Meeting for parents and potential players for the 15s through 18s age groups will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2018, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School. We encourage you to attend this meeting if you will be trying out for the 15s through 18s age groups on November 10. We will present everything regarding these programs for the upcoming season.

Tune-Up Sessions for 15s Through 18s

There will be two Tune-up Sessions for 15s through 18s age groups to help them prepare for their Tryouts. These sessions will both be held at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School on October 28 (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm) and November 4 (5:00 pm to 7:00 pm).

Tryouts for 15s Through 18s

The Tryouts for the 15s through 18s age groups will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School. The schedule for the Tryouts is posted elsewhere on this website. We look forward to seeing all of you at this event.

Step 1

Register with Badger Region Volleyball Association/USA Volleyball on Webpoint (Registering on WebPoint is not registering for Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryouts)

You must first register with Badger Region/USA Volleyball by following the steps on-line at Webpoint, https://webpoint.usavolleyball.org. (It is probably easier to access Webpoint through the Badger Region Volleyball website, badgervolleyball.org. Once on the Badger Region Volleyball website, you should click on the “MEMBERSHIP” tab on the right end of the tab selections. Then click on the “About Registration” tab. Towards the bottom of the “About Registration” article, click on “here” in the sentence, “To register for a Badger Region membership, click here” and follow the prompts for the member option that applies to you.) This includes filling in the membership information and paying the Badger Region/USAV full member fee of $50 (or $15 Youth Membership for the Shavings Program or Free for 8 years & younger) or the Badger Region/USAV $10 tryout fee on “Webpoint”. You will be required to have a credit card to pay this fee online and you will need to print your membership card after you have registered. If you are not sure that you will make it on a team or if you are not sure that you will be playing Club volleyball, then only pay the $10 tryout fee and then you can upgrade your membership and pay the additional $40 at a later date if you do play on a team. The Badger Region will not refund the difference if you pay the full fee and then do not play on a team! Do not pick Wisconsin Ice VBC as your team yet unless you know for sure that you will be playing on a Wisconsin Ice team for the 2019 season. You will do this later after you have been offered a spot on a team and you have accepted the offer.

Please remember that this is registration with the Badger Region Volleyball Association and not with Wisconsin Ice VBC. This fee goes to the Badger Region/USAV and does not cover any fees for Wisconsin Ice VBC. Any potential player that is trying out for Wisconsin Ice VBC must be registered with the Badger Region before Tryouts and Tune- ups or you will not be allowed to enter the gym for the Tryouts and Tune-Ups. This is a Badger Region Volleyball Association rule. You will be required to print out your membership card and show it when checking in for the Tryouts and Tune-ups for Wisconsin Ice VBC.

Step 2

Register for Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryouts or All Call

To register for Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryouts or All Call, you will be required to complete and mail the three (3) forms that are listed below, which are on the Wisconsin Ice VBC website (www.wisconsinice.net), and your fee to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Kent Thomas, 2241 Heatherton Lane, Plover, WI 54467-2820 (the forms and payment must be received by October 4, 2018, for the younger age groups including 13s & 14s and Chips & Shavings and by November 8, 2018, for the older age groups including 15s through 18s to be eligible for the lower $30 Tryout fee):

  • Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryout Form – 2019”. Please fill in all the requested information. You must fill in every line on the form with the correct information for the form to be accepted.
  • 2018-2019 USAV Youth & Junior Volleyball Player Medical Release Form” - with all information filled in with the proper signatures. This form is available on the Wisconsin Ice VBC website.
  • Parent & Athlete Agreement Related to Concussion Law WI Stat. 118.293” form – with all information filled in completely. There are two (2) pages to this form. Please read the Concussion Fact Sheet before completing the form. There is a fact sheet for Parents and a fact sheet for Athletes that should be read.
  • A check for the Tryout Fee written to “Wisconsin Ice VBC” for $30 ($40 if the forms and fee have not been received by October 4, 2018, for 14s and younger or November 8, 2018, for 15s and older or if your forms were not completed correctly). Please put your child’s name and age group for which they are trying out on the memo line of the check. Please note that the “All Call” fee for Ice Chips and Ice Shavings is $10.

Players should sign up and attend the Tryout for the age group that matches their age (see the USAV Age Definition chart on the Wisconsin Ice website to ensure that you are signing up for the correct age group). If the player chooses to also try out at an older age group, then they may pay an additional $30 fee for the 2nd age group for which they would like to try out. Show all the age groups for which the player chooses to try out on the Tryout Form. If a player is given a formal invitation from a Club Director to attend an additional tryout at an older age group, then the player is not required to pay the additional $30 fee.

If a player has a “bad birthday”, then they may try out at either their appropriate age group or the age group of their age level peers or both by paying only one fee. Please place a check mark after “Yes” on the “Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryout Form – 2019” after the question as to whether an age waiver is required. Also fill in the age level or age levels for which you are trying out on the first line of the “Wisconsin Ice VBC Tryout Form – 2019”. A “bad birthday” is when a player is in a grade level lower than their birth date as of September 1. For instance, if a player has their 15th birthday in August of 2019, but is in 8th grade, then they might be allowed by the Badger Region Volleyball Association to play down with their peers at the 14s level even though their birthday would require them by USAV rules to play at the 15s level. A waiver from the BRVA would allow a player to play at the 14s level with their peers in Badger Region tournaments only. They typically would not be allowed to play in out of State tournaments, non-Badger Region tournaments, or USAV Nationals, except for the Patriot Division that has allowed waivers in the past.

Please only send the forms that are listed above in this article. Do not send any additional forms that you may have printed off of Webpoint when signing up for your Badger Region/USAV membership.

You will need to bring your current Badger Region/USAV membership card to the Wisconsin Ice Tryouts and Tune-Ups that you printed out from the Badger Region/USAV registration on Webpoint to show when you check in at the registration table; however you will keep this card for your records. It only has to be shown to the people that check you in at the Tryouts or Tune-Ups so that they can confirm that you are registered.

If you sent in your registration early before this information was posted on the Wisconsin Ice VBC website, then please complete and send the correct or missing forms to the address listed in this article.

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