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Latest News

Your check for the full player membership fees must be received in the mail before your first practice, which is on November 29, 2009. Please send these checks early so that we can record them. The checks will not be cashed until December 4, 2009. The schedule of membership fee amounts for the different teams are included in the Handbook (under the Handbook tab on this website).
You must also include the signed Wisconsin Ice agreement form with your membership fee check which is found on page 15 of the Handbook that is located under the Handbook tab on this website. Both the player and the parent(s) must sign this form.

No player will be allowed to practice on November 29, 2009, unless their membership fees check and their signed Handbook agreement form have been received in the mail.

All membership fees checks and Handbook agreement forms must be mailed and received prior to November 29, 2009 and must be mailed to:

Wisconsin Ice VBC
Jay Johnson
2501 Springville Drive
Plover, WI 54467.

You should also state on the memo line your child’s name and their team. Players that are on combined Purple and Black teams for the first couple of weeks should state this on the check (i.e. 14 P/B).

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