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Latest News

The Wisconsin Ice VBC Player/Parent Handbook for the 2015 Season is now available to all Wisconsin Ice VBC members on this website. All players that accept an offer to play on a Wisconsin Ice team and their parents should read this document completely. All players that accept an offer to play on a Wisconsin Ice VBC National, Purple, Black, Ice Chips, Ice Shavings or a Satellite team must return page 15 of the Handbook completely filled in including all signatures along with your membership fee before your first practice, which is scheduled for November 30, 2014.

All National, Purple, Black, Ice Chips, and Ice Shavings members must mail your form and check to Wisconsin Ice VBC, Jay Johnson, 2501 Springville Drive, Plover, WI 54467, so that it arrives before November 30, 2014, in order to be eligible to participate in your first team practice. All Satellite team players must return your Handbook form and membership fee to the authorized individual that is organizing your Satellite team in enough time so that they can forward your entire team forms and checks to Wisconsin Ice VBC before your first scheduled practice.

A uniform will not be issued to a player until their membership fee has been paid completely and their Handbook form page 15 has been turned in.

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